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The German labor market is short of employees. If you want to come to Germany to work and live, then you’ve come to the right place. We can put you in touch with companies in Germany that are looking for employees. We will help you with job interviews and learning the German language.
Interested? Register here free of charge and without obligation so that we can bring you together with companies that are looking for you.

For Companies

Are you suffering from the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and looking for employees abroad? We can help you here: We have a large pool of qualified candidates from Central America. People from all sectors have registered with us because they want to work and live in Germany. For example: nurses and other hospital staff, doctors, truck drivers, craftsmen and aircraft engineers.
If you are interested, you can register free of charge and without obligation and post search profiles. We will contact you and introduce you to suitable candidates.

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A talent matching platform that helps companies find the best candidates for their needs. The platform matches talents with the needs of companies based on their skills, experience, strengths, and wishes. This helps to create teams that are well-equipped to succeed in bringing projects forward.

AIS not only helps you find the right candidates, but also prepares them language-wise and culturally for Germany.

Our exclusive partner PROGEDO takes care of all relocation issues such as visa and residence permit, the search for apartments and the handling of all other necessary formalities. Details can be found at

You “only” have to choose the right candidate, we will take care of the rest for you.

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attract the talent you need.

The platform also specializes in connecting talents with recruiting companies in the Tech, Life Sciences, Medical and Human Resources sectors.